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Oh no. not again!

Assalamu Alaikum

Nothing conveyed better what Muslims feel than that tweet on Monday: “Please don’t be a Muslim”. But it seems to have unfolded that way.

In the aftermath of Boston Marathon shooting, at least two Muslims have already been attacked, including one physician, and, of course, the Fox type-of-journalism was already blaming Muslims.

Now the recent development trace the origins of the dead suspect and his brother to an area in Russia where about 20% people are Muslims. Islamophobes are bound to be quite busy generalizing all over the media. They were already successful in replacing Imam Sohaib Webb from the Boston interfaith program with a self-hating Muslim.

A bunch of criminals with Muslim names, the professional Islamophobes, and the irresponsible media are always successful in generalizing the criminality of a handful people to a whole community.

Now the untold stories of Muslims who were the first medical responders, the Muslim surgeon and emergency room doctors who worked hard saving the victims will for ever over shadowed by those of two criminals. And the story of runners, some of them Muslims, including a hijabi woman, will never be told, while some injured Muslims will still have to go through a healing process.

Please don’t allow that to happen again!

  • Don’t internalize the guilt of some criminal suspects. Your community is a very clean community and first class citizens.
  • Don’t allow anyone to generalize.
    • We don’t know the faith of the Missisipi man arrested for mailing the deadly ricin poison to the President
    • We don’t talk about the faith of the killer of Sandy Hook school

May Allah keep us safe. May God keep our neighbors safe. May He guide the angry, the hateful and the fearful to a positive direction. May He open our hearts towards our neighbors and may He open their hearts towards us


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